Your child/children can join you in the UK if you are a British citizen or a Permanent UK Resident (someone with no immigration restrictions on the length of their stay). You must  meet the following criteria:

  • The child must show that they;
    • are not leading an independent life;
    • are not married or in a civil partnership;
    • have not formed an independent family unit; and
    • are aged under 18
    • can show that they can live and be accommodated for without help from public funds.
  • Both parents must be settled here or have been given permission to settle here. The only exceptions are where:
    • 1 parent is dead and the other is settled or coming to settle here; or
    • the parent who is settled or coming to settle in the UK has had sole responsibility for the child's upbringing; or
    • 1 parent is settled or coming to settle in the UK and there are serious reasons why the child must be allowed to come here.

Duration of Stay & Applying

If the child is already in the UK with temporary leave to remain, they can apply to settle here permanently using the relevant applicant form.

If the child is outside the UK, they must obtain a visa in this category before they travel here.

If you satisfy the relevant immigration rules for a UK child visa you will be granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

Children can usually apply for British Naturalisation after having spent five years continuously in the country. In order to qualify you must have held permanent residence status for one year prior to the application and you must satisfy all other British Naturalization requirements.

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