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Those who have overstayed their leave to remain in the UK may be able to regularise their status in the UK to remain in the UK lawfully.

Generally you must leave the UK within 30 days from the date of expiry of your visa, those who want to remain are advised to take active steps to exhaust the immigration process at the very least. Please note that overstaying is a criminal offence therefore, it is advisable to act as soon as possible if your visa is close to expiring or has already expired.

We understand that the application process can be difficult without legal representation, given the extensive research and documentation required in comparison to other applications. However, our team are best placed to advise you to regularise your status or extend your visa; we can assist with completion of application forms, preparation of a detailed supporting cover letter and the collation of documents.

It is promising that recent higher court decisions have given overstayers the opportunity to remain therefore, it is important to remember that case is assessed on its own merit. There are several different routes to extend your stay in the UK and those with genuine reasons to remain will have a strong case to remain.

If you require further information or assistance feel free to contact UK Immigration Lawyers, our expert team specialise in regularisation applications and are well equipped to guide you through the process .

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