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Sponsor Licenses

There has been a steady influx of businesses looking to fill roles from abroad and those looking to recruit foreign talent will require a sponsor license.

In order to apply your business must meet several eligibility requirements:

-You must not have any unspent convictions for financial or immigration related offences

-You must not have had your sponsor license revoked in the past 12 months

-The jobs must be suitable for sponsorship (includes skilled, Global Business Mobility, scale-up, seasonal, creative, ministers, charity, government exchange, health care or international sportsperson workers)

-The license must cover skilled/long term workers, temporary workers or both.

-The management roles must include an authorising officer, a key contact and a level 1 user (suitability checks must be undertaken)

The online application process:

The online application for Sponsorship Licenses requires the upload of some supporting material, such as information on the individual who will be handling sponsorships inside the organisation and proof that your business has the necessary mechanisms in place to monitor sponsored employees. In order to begin the process, the organisation must first define the requirement for a specific employment role. This procedure ensures that the potential employee is the best fit for the job. We must publicise the exact employment role for a minimum of 28 days. This must be done in accordance with UKBA regulations and in light of the constantly changing legal landscape. 

 What can you do with sponsorship?

If successful you will be issued with a license rating and your business will be able to issue certificates of sponsorship for a period of 4 years, given all sponsor responsibilities are undertaken. The online platform CMS can be used to make any changes.

Our team of lawyers are best placed to guide you through the process and help you prepare supporting documents, a  comprehensive cover letter  and the online form for your application. Should you require any further information, feel free to contact UK Immigration Lawyers.

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