Asylum Fresh Claims

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Asylum Fresh Claims

Unfortunately, asylum claims are often rejected however, changes in the situation in their home country or new evidence can permit asylum seekers to make a fresh claim based on those changes.

Fresh claims may be made on these grounds:

•You must not have disclosed the entirety of your situation to the Home Office or Judge

•You received new documents from your home

•The law in your home country has changed, putting you at further risk of persecution

•The condition in your home country has changed, putting you at further risk of persecution

•You may have converted to another religion, putting you at further risk of persecution

This list is not exhaustive, there are many other grounds available. Our team are best placed to assist you with the the obtainment of an expert report when required, collation identification documents and the screening process.

We understand that asylum cases are both sensitive and complex and handle all cases with care. We are fully trained and have in depth specialist knowledge of UK and International Law, required for complex asylum.

If you require further information or assistance feel free to contact UK Immigration Lawyers, our expert team specialise in asylum applications and are well equipped to guide you through the process .

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