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Human Rights

The Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) has a significant impact on immigration law and policy in the UK. The HRA incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into domestic law, which means that UK courts and tribunals must consider the rights guaranteed by the ECHR in all cases, including immigration cases. This has led to increased scrutiny of the actions of the UK government and immigration authorities and has created additional safeguards for individuals seeking asylum or facing deportation. For example, the right to family life and the prohibition of torture under the ECHR can be used to challenge the removal of individuals from the UK, and the right to a fair trial can be used to challenge detention or deportation decisions. In this way, the HRA has helped to ensure that immigration law and policy in the UK is in compliance with human rights standards.

Human rights claims be made prior to visa applications within the UK. The process is quite complex for example in the cases of Private and Family life a large volume of evidence is required to prove ties to the UK or ties to family in the UK. Ultimately the closeness of ties must outweigh the desire to return the person to their home country, we demonstrate this by looking into a wide range of factors that can support your case.

 We can assist by collating documents and providing a comprehensive cover letter outlining the merits of your case, to put forward the best case possible. We understand that human rights cases are both sensitive and complex and handle all cases with care. We are fully trained and have in depth specialist knowledge of UK and International Law, required for complex asylum.

If you require further information or assistance feel free to contact UK Immigration Lawyers, our expert team specialise in human rights applications and are well equipped to guide you through the process .

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